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Monday, 27 June 2011

Zurich Airport Circle in the design competition

Zurich airport, the "Circle", an international competition to design innovative services within walking distance of the terminals to have an upscale complex. Thid project is around 37,000 m² and 200,000 m² of Zurich according to the zoning requirements of the developable, will be constructed on the size of the Crescent. A jury Japanese construction firm, Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop annouced as the winner from about 90 high power - is defeated entries.
The project won the "divers (c) ity", which by the "stability of movement" as is encouraged. Construction: "... security facade urban scenes to unfold in interesting spaces and allows areas. Aircraft on ground floor, streets, plaza, and an eclectic passageways along the entire length of the complex lattice the route meanders, adjacent internal, marketing platform, gastronomic places such a high cultural activities and public uses intended for the active surface area. a glass roof is a mezzanine board that a more works on the level of access cubatures interconnects. adjacent modules and the ideal size of the individual as a public, semi-public, private and integrated zone is a multi-faceted event. tenants are assigned to specific addresses. a at the same time, the complex construction project throughout the entire life span greater flexibility in phasing affords.


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