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Monday, 27 June 2011

Denver International Airport

Aloft Hotel, Denver International Airport, Colorado
 For North America by storm, Aloft Starwood Hotels and Resorts budget luxury hotel is a new generation. Average airport hotel high-design/low-cost new brand, with a contemporary presentation. Full motion color - Swathed, Aloft hotels and many other common corporate warrior, an airport hotel to be banal beige color if there is no sound. Northern Europe's sleek, clean design, or a review as a nod: "If Ikea opened a hotel, this is what it would be like" without anger, Aloft 21st century hotel to manage the airport. Interactive menu at night, before bed rest for a game of pool or lounge in the lobby restaurant under investigation. From $ 189, room only doubles. Hotels in Beijing with a large number are dotted throughout North America.


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