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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dubai Palm Island, Wonderful Resort Island in UEA

 Uni Arab Emirate mega project in Dubai, palm tree-shaped resort island on Earth is ready sea reclaimed. This luxury project UAE 120 km from the sandy beach will appear to rise and the moon. Ola great destination place 2,000 islands, over 40 luxury hotels, shopping complexes, cinemas and the Middle East will for marine park.

12 kilometers of protective barrier reefs Dubai Palm Island which 17 have been made ​​in case of large fronds surrounded. By two boat access to the island's marinas. Central to these islands by 300m can be achieved through bridges, the main bridge will be a mono-rail system. Dubai planning for the island, 80m cubic meters of earth approach channel to Port from Emirates Jebel Ali is dredge. Is the result of this process is to deepen the channel to 17m.


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