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Monday, 27 June 2011

America's Most Expensive Mansion buys UK Heiress

The 57,000-square-foot Los Angeles home, listed at $ 150 million, a 22-year-old was sold to UK heiress.
 U.S. home sale price over the long-running drama at the end of the caption is visible.

57,000 square feet, while TV producer Aaron Spelling's Los Angeles mansion built by a Formula One racing, a 22-year-old heiress to the fortune is expected to sell. Five acres of property in the Holmby Hills house on a bowling alley, beauty salon, gift wrapping and many rooms have parking for 100 vehicles.

"Attitudes," is known as a property, a list price of $ 150 million is real - estate decline by more than a third of Los Angeles did not move the price down. The sale price was not disclosed.

Buyers, Petra Ecclestone, stunts, James plans to accelerate its business after the August wedding between London and Los Angeles, according to a spokesman, will be. Miss Ecclestone and Formula One racing boss Bernie Ecclestone billionaire father is British.

The seller, Candy Spelling, widow of Mr. Spelling, refused to comment. Mr. Spelling produced such TV shows as "MOD Squad," "top," "Family", "Starsky and Hutch," "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Melrose Place."

Ms. Spelling and her husband purchased property in the early 1980s and in 1991 under the current French-style house built CHATEAU tore the house. Inspired by a double staircase house is "Wind." This is by far the largest house in Los Angeles when it was considered.

In addition, a flower-cutting room, a Chinese room, a "suit of Prince Charles," his name on a royal guest, and a library bound script in which her husband, Mrs. Spelling. State has been showing since 2008 and officially registered in March 2009.
U.S. $ 150 million Los Angeles home of elegant gates.
If completed, the sale of U.S. real estate market will Underscore the importance of foreign buyers. Earlier this year, Russian Yuri Milner investors for $ 100 million, bought a house in Silicon Valley, the most famous house in America pay the price for a family

Russian composer Igor Krutoy and his wife, Olga, recently at New York's Plaza for $ 48 million bought a condominium.

Overall, though, the U.S. real estate market in the first quarter of 2002 with stage sets, is struggling S & P / Shiller national index of the matter, issued this month.

Petra Ecclestone in London's Chelsea 56 million pounds (90.9 million) to buy a house in the neighborhood, according to press reports, six-story is. In 2004, her father, a steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal for £ 57 million on a mansion in Kensington Palace Gardens, sales reports,.

Mrs. Spelling said she has wanted to downsize. Condominium 15,555 square feet on a nearby Century City for $ 35 million closed in December 2010.

The first related Cos. Two-story penthouse in Tower Art Deco inspired, for it was agreed to pay $ 47 million "millennium," but between the poor market prices have dropped. The new prices reflect a small square footage and other changes.

David Hilton and Rick Hilton & Hyland, an affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate Kramer, who represented Ms. Ecclestone. Mr. Hilton and Jeff Hyland Coldwell Banker part of the same firm involved with the Sally Forster Jones.


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