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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Arab Gulf Pearl

The pearl of Arab Gulf

Bahrain's new face is really amazing. Durrat Al Bahrain is a place ofinspiration. In the blue waters of Bahrain is located around, Durrat AlBahrain modern world's best and most unique island cities represented asone is.

The new city is creating across the 15 inter-connected islands that make up Durrat Al Bahrain. Residents and visitors will find the luxury and the experience of the best architecture. Ernie Els is being one of the region’s leading golf centers.
Jassim Al Jowder, CEO
“With a wide range of property financing now available for GCC nationals and non-nationals, now is the time to discover Durrat Al Bahrain” 
 Area 21km2 a cluster of 15 impressive islands
 Over 2,000 stunning beachfront villas
 3,600 executive apartments
 Offices
 Hotels
 Spa resorts
 Parks
 Entertainments
 Mosques
 International schools
 Retail malls
 Restaurants
 A 400-berth marina
 An Ernie Els designed 18 holes
 Capable of accommodating 60,000 residents
 up to 4,500 daily visitors

Durrat Al Bahrain is named after a ¢ a, ¬ a in the Arabian Gulf "most perfectpearlà ¢ a, ¬ a. The Government of Bahrain and Kuwait Finance House is owned by. this project more than $ 4 billion Investment and Atkins, the world-famous design, engineering and consulting firm, and KMC Bovis, a projectdevelopment has been developed by the administration.

This is a place where beautiful effect contrasts together, and a rich andunique experience to create the world. This is a place with a lifestyle weaspire and be off reality where we long. This is a place where discussion ofa world-class city and enjoys the beauty of an island.

Official Source: http://www.durratbahrain.com


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