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Friday, 3 June 2011

World's Most High-tech Theme Park.

Ferrari Theme Park, Abu Dhabi
Sports cars are not enough. Ferrari branded - goodies are expanding. Glasses,perfume, laptop, etc. .. back Now with his Disneyland theme park is taking. Doors Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2009 open in the capital. 
Yas island, a forest of large blocks of the park's headquarters, a 70 m high, G ForceTower and what is purported first roller coaster ride double mark F1 attractionsincluding the 24, will be reclaimed to include, Race between passengers allowed. 
And you will be there? A general Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2009, a racetrackheadquarters, beautiful hotels, apartment, villa, a golf course and Marina, dozens ofrestaurants and shops ... Profile is including you realize.
All this will cost around £ 300 million.


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