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Thursday, 9 June 2011

The world's most amazing home

The World's Most Amazing Home

It's a fact that people have an endless imagination, but I believe that you never thought that his positive passion and creativity of many buildings they live in is the effect, in the world's most unusual houses Will enjoy top can, and I amsure, most of them about, you've never heard.

1. Gingerbread House. Orlando. Florida. The USA.
This story gingerbread house witch Brothers hot image isn'ta, "to start andGretel. " However, normal construction material, color and interesting aspectof this make you think that is edible and you emphasized it to break a pieceSee how it tastes.

2. Fairy chimney houses. Cappadocia. Turkey. 
 You stories from the world I want to see other homes? All you have toCappadocia, where the stones are carved in their homes Göreme city, is known from the Roman period. In addition, between 300-1200 AD, the sitewas an important monastic center. This website also many stone - hewnchurches and chapels, as well as an underground city contains some remnants.

3. Stone House. Portugal. 
(Fafe) stone house in the mountains, northern Portugal was built in 1974. Itfound four major work was constructed between boulders.
4. Cube Houses. The Netherlands.
The houses you the impression that they give political stability is very fragile.B cube houses and Helmond, located in the Netherlands. By Piet Blom The complex was built in 1984.

5. Another Stone House. France.
This house is found in science fiction type. In my opinion, this stone house byFrance a ship or a surrealist feel best.

6. Red House. New Jersey. The USA.
This house is not my type. This big and red ... Looks like a warehouse.

7. The Mother Goose House. Kentucky. The USA.
The house size as a big laugh, and the roof crisis in 1940, Kentucky, wasbuilt. This egg-shaped windows and his eyes are automobile headlights.

9. Space House. Florida. The USA.
When you look at this house, you think a sound one landed on a housewithout roof. But ... We enter ... This is a great building should.

10. The WM House. Copenhagen, Denmark.
This is a very interesting building, whatever letter "W" and "M" is as size balconies.

11. Icing House. Fuerteventura. Spain.
A meringue or whipped cream frosting this house with a big cake looks like.The famous architect Antonio Gaudi's buildings in the style of a house.

12.“Fat House.”
Who says that obesity is not reached the houses, too? An Austrian artistErwin Wurm has been made ​​by, Fat House is, in fact, building the size ofsomeone's life. This fat is part of a series started in 2003 by the artist.

13. Upside down House. Poland.
If people swing and moody? Wake up some morning in bed the wrong direction, why would not ill mood houses can exist, so an upside down houseDaniela Czapiewski architect began to design. Education center in the houseSzymbark, is located in a village in Poland. Communist era in Poland also anartistic statement about, and Poland is considered its impact on society.

14. Steel House. Texas. The USA.

Steel House by Robert Bruno built, standing at the top of the valley collection,Texas, and is, in fact, the artist's house. The house construction work began in 1973 and since then, the project has been revised several times is.

15. Crooked House. Poland.
It seems strange houses like Poland. In Sopot, northern Poland, a "crookedhouse" was built. GM building Szancer, Per Dahlberg and Gaudi's drawingwas made ​​based on completed in 2003.


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