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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Elbe Philharmonic Hall

Very idea may sound a little crazy, given how adamantly some people say that classical music audience is slowly dying off.
To these skeptics the current explosion of new concert spaces is nothing a last ditch - to attract young viewers may take effort. And there witnessing construction boom that global culture of classical music performance or a general thirst for art with all to do with drawing tourists than anything more is a fact.
But recently between orchestras and architects enough desperation or boosterism partnership invalid as operations can not be dismissed. Frank Gehry Walt Disney Concert Los Angeles Full Hall, Hamburg, Germany for the Elbe Philharmonic Hall is Herzog & de Meuron design, Jean Nouvel's new Paris Philharmonie project: not only breathtaking architectural forays but a review of the concert hall are extremists.Vienna's Musikverein to Carnegie Hall to Symphony Hall in Boston - - seem fusty these exuberant forms of competition and internal water as the late 19th century Great Hall.
The new hall classical roots firmly in the present audience and orchestra, a deep relationship between music and want to set up. This use is certainly his threats: As architects design limit increase, acousticians are venturing into uncertain area.Between shape and sound balance of comfort: "Yet if these projects succeed, they could open the way for successes are very rare.
For more than a century to build a great acoustical hall a limited conventional wisdom, high, rectangular seats 2,500 or more "shoe" was the box model. Vienna is the holy grail 1870 Musikverein, Danish architect Theophil von hynsn born in the Greek Revival invention (it was.
But to contemporary architects the gold standard from 1963 on: Hans Scharoun 2.440 seats Berlin's Philharmonie, concrete forms clad in yellow metal panel in a group of strange-looking. Scharoun is best, barbed wire and the Berlin Wall complete with bar erected, an aggressive down traditional social hierarchies of the world of classical music was an attempt to tears. I went grand staircase, classical colonnades or golden interior. Instead she canted column primary performance space on put full cup, so the street outside the hall, the underbelly of life became a comprehensive.Home on the Draped, strange yellow, tentlike skin Hall public role in a joyfully democratic expression and sectarian divided city was a monument of peace.
Yet what most intimidates today's architects of the performance space, 44 years after its completion, it even more radical if it appears. Classical proscenium stage and rows of seats declined uniform, Scharoun a vineyard pattern, a terraced landscape spilling down the sides created by the forum. Subtle change in design to break the balance, with energy in the room charge.
Scharoun birth is a moment away to wipe a century of bourgeois robberies and jolt classical currently thought. If the Musikverein in Vienna to hear some amazing acoustic model remained in the hall more comfortable, egalitarian experience that was a modern audience as offered.
Sound Hall can not echo enough of Vienna. But little of that right soon after Tuning best halls in Europe was considered one of. Hall features a visual idea that procedures can affect audiences with music: what is more, which some experts it - defined as psychological importance Sound reinforced.

But the real lesson in Berlin, some orchestra managers and conductors say that late - 19th century hall was now not necessarily ideal. Changes to the concert given kill, there was now way a hearing. Architects feel encouraged is to promote creative limits.
"I think that Vienna is a bit of a story," Ernest Fleischmann, former general manager of the Los Angeles Philharmonic said. "The hall is rather small. You can not put on stage a great orchestras. A Mahler Symphony there is very tight. Eighth place can be difficult at all."
Scharoun current crop of architecture is to challenge the supremacy, the first out the door of Mr. Los Angeles in the 2003 Walt Disney concert hall with Gehry, was. When he started in 1987, Mr. Gehry is a sculptural freedom that could Scharoun difficult concept to work with felt.
He Scharoun performance was captivated by the intimacy of the place. "For perhaps five or six concerts there were, and by this I was thrown out," he told me recently."Floor was concrete, handrails were painted metal - all things that when you talk like this are designed seem antithetical. But it is human feeling. This is busy. It encourages of. This is the first time I experienced a concert hall. "

And then there was the voice on the endless fretting. Egypt. Gehry, an evening when he discussed Japanese acoustician Minoru Nagata, an early adviser on Disney Hall, and Lothar Cremer, who had worked with in Berlin Scharoun with food was in Berlin arose, recalls.
Both in the world of music has been respected, but at dinner on a better acoustic model could not agree. As Mr. Gehry said he remembers Mr. Cremer Hall's orchestra in a coffin larger size should be like. Egypt. Nagata) to support fast pitcher.
"It was not enough of a food fight," Mr. Gehry said. "But this is a big argument. So I said innocently, 'you both the best acousticians in the world, and you can not agree on this?' There was no answer.
"I realized that the art was like," he said. "You make very good, but it was effective can. It was not a formula."
The result is a building that is more voluptuous than Scharoun in some cases is even more carefully designed.
City with Los Angeles Grand Avenue Unfolding the building a bold stainless steel ribbons alienating urban Strip enliven. Egypt. Gehry hall ball away from the earth is lifted, streetscape through building air to allow its course.
Within the forum as Mr. Gehry 2.265 Scharoun wraps around the audience seats. But at the design level of luxury wood almost Baroque, convex and concave forms that seem to be on stage in the press seem to play an absolutely symmetrical.
ESA Pekka - Salonen, Los Angeles Philharmonic music director has said that close physical proximity musicians with the audience asked to reconsider their relations."Everyone is physically close, which means that each person is mentally very close," he said. "We did not overplay. We excessive use of physical energy was not needed."
"We understood that we just do not play like we used to play things can continue," he said.
If Disney Hall praised the response after the experience emboldened orchestral institutions and architecture is more aggressively, when benefits outweigh the risk of questioning.
Sound, the most respected concert halls built over the past decade in some of Japan: Suntory Hall in Tokyo, for example, and Kitara Hall in Sapporo. But neither Hall is especially brave. With this kitschy facade Kitara Hall is a construction waste is said.
The opposite, swooping is Santiago Calatrava Tenerife, Canary Islands, in the concert hall recently completed an exercise in Curves are self indulgence, and audio is considered unremarkable.
Such mixed results suggest the difficult challenges architects and their clients to create a great hall must win.
"I'm just saying, this hall and orchestra device," Christoph von Dohnanyi, the Hamburg NDR Symphony chief conductor said. "If you trouble is, orchestra would be wrong. Some orchestras do not sound that good because every time I play a bad hall are."
It's not like the high stakes architecture designs is dulled. The most tantalizing designs to emerge Jacques Herzog and Pierre de a Meuron's Elbe Philharmonic in Hamburg, in 2010 is set to open. This gritty industrial port site on the river Elbe on the edge of a pier, the city's long history of commercial shipping evokes. In an ingenious stroke, Swiss architect directly place a point at the end of 1960s era brick warehouse, rather than destroy her place in the top of the translucent glass hall proposed. Hall (parking garage as a warehouse serve.) She's a brick base extrusion and by a series of crystalline peaks coronation as conceived, a port in the flow plane evokes.
Reaffirms how inventive architects design a city of some specific physical and historical perspective are in situating their work. By keeping the top of the hall warehouse, for example, Mr. Herzog and Mr. de Meuron or supplant rather than trying to obscure its European industrial age problems, have embraced bold landscape.Warehouse roof terrace in a great public hall of the concert only the soft underside contours will be changed following a port on the other side of the panoramic view of city skyline. Mass is on the roof height and low pressure in the interstices between old and new intense sense should.

2,400 seat hall, the balance becomes trickier in the past and present. Egypt. Like Gehry, Mr. Herzog and Mr. de Meuron obsessively Scharoun's Berlin Philharmonie by setting study began. There is unmistakable similarities. Forum seats envelop all aspects. Balconies slowly leaning towards the stage, and fine room set on the edge a little asymmetry.
Finally, however, Mr. Herzog Berlin has decided to stop thinking. "It was great," he said in an interview. "You can only fail. You can never do better."
His recent work on the stadium issue should by, architects behind the stage for the audience decided to add more seats, so the place looks somewhat like that of a bowl will be. curving roof, Yasuhisa Toyota, who work at Disney Hall as a result of acoustic analysis is designed, will add impact enveloping. 'Balconies undulate as they form up behind the dynamic, the whole room setting in motion.
If instead, a successful concept, a wondrous experience for the concertgoers can. But bolder architecture and acousticians have them, before they moved to an unknown area, we do not know what the final result will actually be leaving.
On the horizon every Philharmonie concert hall in Paris, Mr. Nouvel can be the biggest threat.
Egypt. Nouvel this Lucerne, Switzerland KKL cultural and congress center in a concert hall in Europe, a reputation as a designer set. Her beautiful, smart form a great Swiss lake jutting - - Hall Classic design less or more serious punishment given a room around a rectangular wrapped in a tight U's with a series of balconies, however, excellent external is.
Danish Broadcasting Corporation Copenhagen now under construction in a more courageous Hall,, partly to Scharoun worship can be read as: Interior is one of Berlin's Philharmonie, although the architect of the asymmetry nudges a little more bit.Auditorium is encased in a rectangular glass box, a cover of a precious place item suggestive. External throughout the night will stream video images, a voyeuristic view of the concert change the world enveloping.
Paris Philharmonie, Egypt. Nouvel's design for the second phase advance, in the accepted conventions by brazenly tossing. Paris has never had a great concert hall.(Orchestre de Paris of the residential institutions, also a second level is seen as the orchestra.) And part of their mandate, the site, working class La Villette Park on the edge of a barren strip of land about creating enthusiasm was for the North East Paris.
Egypt. Nouvel first while on vacation in a resort designed with your ear, where they spent their evening meal playfully operates across the plate, setting the building of capacity for considering setting up in the mountains began to work.
The result gives a series of huge metal loose sentence at the top of each other plates, the park on the edge forming an imaginary mountain vista. Extensive garden growing from the ramp by Christian de Portzamparc artery for South and Cite de la Musique conservatory structure that connected the city's east constituency. In a science fiction landscape dlaya before people realize in the hall and restaurant terraces ascend the ramp, or park for a sweeping view to the top of the hill may continue.
2,400-seat auditorium in the embedded stack of silver, amorphous form, mercury is hypnotic as a pool. Seen from above, its internal configuration vaguely familiar wrapped around the back of the stage with audience share looks. If still remaining unknown is unsettling in an exhilarating journey. Concertgoers narrow bridge into place across their path like pods suspended horizontally within the balconies will be to reach. He once found in their seats as they entered a womb floating within the music should be.
It will work? We'll have to wait to see: The hall is set to open by 2012, and Mr. Nouvel's design is still work. We place them in Paris or Herzog & de Meuron is equal to or Hamburg or Berlin Philharmonie Hall Disney Hall will surpass strange that there is no way to know.
Still shows, design limit hit that comes here in the world of classical music is in a heady era. Each of these projects, in its way, collective experience, musicians and spectators and the city that celebrates the links between envelops. They are reminders, in the end, all great architecture is also an exercise in compassion.


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