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Thursday, 2 June 2011

China first super tall sprouts district

Ground breaks on third of trio of towers in Shanghai’s Luijiazui Finance and Trade Zone

A 632 meter tower designed by Gensler today broke new ground in the super-tall Shanghai - China recorded revolution tower construction to complete a three.Including Shanghai tower and recently estimated CTBUH, Shanghai World Financial Center and China for the first time as district super tall Jin Mao Tower in Luijiazui Finance and Trade Zone 'best long overall building' will rise above.Tower, Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co., Ltd., commissioned by the world's largest open-air deck with preview will be highest in China. Office space, a luxury hotel, retail and cultural sites, building connections and the Shanghai Metro parking below ground level will also include three stages.

Shanghai tower buildings systematically nine cylinders, one above another are given a punishment. Double skin - the inner layer facade decorated buildings located encloses, while a triangular outer layer of the second volume, or building envelope, the first) is going slowly as it rises causes. Spaces between two layers of facade nine atrium create sky gardens.

"This building is the future of a nation filled with limitless opportunities to sign," Qingwei Kong, Shanghai tower development company's president, Ltd. "with Shanghai Tower" We just China's economic success and growing global relationshipnot celebrate community, but our company's commitment to the most features, the noblest and the best design for the development of visible achievements possible. "


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