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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Pentagon

Pentagon History
The world's largest office building is a ghost.
 The World's largest office building, Pentagon, Department of Defense and U.S. military power symbol is synonymous with.

Exactly a year before the attacks of 60 September 2001, 11 September 1941, land for building a huge new Arlington Country, Virginia, was broken in the Department of Defense Department war, pioneer home. Department in Washington was working with 17 different buildings.

Alters Plans Pearl Harbor
Some 13,000 people worked on the project in ages. Original plans, called for three stories, but the military Pearl Harbor, ready for war after the attack on two more floors were added. Protection to steel, concrete ramp was used instead of elevators and outside walls were of reinforced concrete.

Pentagon "stripped classical" style, 20th century Greek and Roman classicism in the middle was built in changing popular and is used for most government buildings.

January 15, 1943, just 16 months after construction began, the Pentagon had been completed. In April, residents outside the facility, $ 83,000,000, including the cost of the project began to move inside.

Five sides, five layers, five floors
Since the five roads surrounded the site, a building five-sided Builders chosen, how the Pentagon got its name.

Building five to ten concentric circles from the outer to the inner ring as an interpreter, run, consists of the connected rings. Interior courtyards that provide light of different rings.

17.5 miles of corridors are long, 6,500,000 square feet of gross floor area of ​​the building provides. The offices, concessions, and storage is a 3,800,000 square foot. Five-sided center courtyard is over five acres.

A shopping crowd, several snack bars, cafeterias, lunch rooms, banks, a subway station, and a platform just to the Pentagon, "a city within a city."

Large-scale Dimensions
Structure is supported by 41,492 concrete piles. Over five floors, mezzanines and pulse are basements. Building the 77-foot, 3.5 inches high. Every outside wall is 921 feet long.

7,754 more than seven acres of glass windows in the Pentagon went. 250 bulbs replaced with 16,250 light fixtures and built with every day, are doing. 7,000 electric clock shopping there, 691 drinking fountains, 131 stairways, 19 escalators, 13 elevators, 672 firehouse cabinets, and the remaining 284 rooms.

A total of 583 acres of the Pentagon's Web site covers the building itself sits on 29 acres. The Pentagon's sewage treatment plant and heating and refrigeration units, each covering an acre. And 67 acres of parking spaces for 8,770 cars is.

Cables mail
Access highway and 21 bridges and overpasses near thirty miles of roads were built adjacent to the complex.

Some 100,000 miles of telephone cable in the Pentagon, built in handle 200,000 calls a day. 1,200,000 pieces of mail each month, Post Office Defence handle. Its peak during World War II, 33,000 people worked in the Pentagon.

A historical
In 1992, the Pentagon has become a national landmark. Architects building unusual shape, facades, courtyard, two terraces as important features, and the date mentioned.


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