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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Eiffel Tower

 I love the Eiffel Tower! This is by far my most favorite monument in France. Since The first time I saw her, I love the sleek design and is covered with beautiful architecture. I'm sure you'll probably recognize the Eiffel Tower. It symbolizes the world and in France itself is one of the most famous structures. But you do not know the tower was never meant to be permanent, or that the French can hate on a curve.

Whenever you want! Eiffel Tower is open daily, all year long.
During the day I recommend going at least once, and once at night. The view is superb both times, but changes dramatically. During the day, a panoramic or bird's eye view of Paris. Night, the city is alive with lights and sounds absolutely beautiful!
* Best time for photos of the hour before sunset, when light is kinder to the cameras, or during Overcast.

If you do not actually visit the tower at night, wherever you are in town be sure to look at it. As the black sky, the lights move up the tower, and it is absolutely fantastic!

If this were not enough, the first ten minutes of every hour with a light tower sparkles
Show. The millions of tiny diamonds in her dances. Really is impossible to capture in a photograph, your eyes must be experienced!

Least expensive way to see the Eiffel Tower's first walk on two levels. You do not have money, you will save, but especially in tourist season, bypassing the long line for the elevator, would.

Lift -
Ages 12 & up: € 12 3 level, € 7.80 Level 2, € 4.80 1 level
Ages 3 - 11: € 6.70 3 level, € 4.30 level, € 2.50 1 level

Stairs -
Ages 25 & up: € 4 level 1 & 2
Under 25: € 3.10 Level 1 & 2

* Children under 3 are free.

View -
  • Different landing
  • Tower at night
  • Restaurants
  • Gift Shops
View of Paris from Eiffel Tower

Tower climb clear whether the magnificient views of the city, or test your nerves is due to peering down. On a clear day, you can see all of Paris. At night, the skyline is decorated with millions of lights.
You can visit the tower on three different levels:

* First landing 187 feet (57 meters) high. You take the elevator, but the time and money can you save if you can walk 360 steps.

There is plenty to see at this level. A cinema, which shows the tower's historical film footage. In addition, an observatory, a tower you can see the top of the swing. Eiffel actually own your original Hydraulic pumps used by the stairs, and can also block!

One of my favorite things at this stage with information boards, see gallery, and a great view of Paris rooftops.

Altitude 95 restaurant is on its surface, and it has a great view. In addition, a gift shop, a snack bar, and a bar is open year round.

In addition, a post office on its surface. A letter from the Eiffel Tower impress your friends by postmarking!

* The second landing of the first level is above 359 feet. If you can walk it, want. The level of the best things about the city is amazing panoramic view of the same. It is best for photos.

Besides the famous Jules Verne Restaurant is on the surface. But you can not find anywhere on the floor! Instead, the ground floor with private south elevator.

Jules Verne and take pictures of food in addition, there is not much more than this level. No snack bar, a glass floor to view the gallery's. But do not get too excited - "Gallery" only three foot wide hole in the floor of a landing. Still somewhat cool, but I had a glass bottomed boat, which is not expected something similar.

* Third landing is where the magic happens. Land above 905 ft (276 m), it can hold 800 people at a time. Get there, take the elevator to the second landing.

In my opinion, the best approach at this stage, but be careful - it can be! On a clear day, you see for 45 miles in any direction, and there see gallery in a panoramic image is to help you can identify the monuments and buildings.

Also on this level is Gustave Eiffel's office, a reconstruction, the most famous towers guest book signed by visitors.

My favorite one - at night, the tower offers a spectacular view! An amazing 10,000 light tower at night, lighting bulbs, and bright spotlights laticework 350. A rotating light tower above the 50 miles (80 kilometers) away can be seen.

I think the best way to see the tower at night from a boat trip. My dinner cruise on the Seine was really fun, and great monuments and buildings all lit up at night to see the way at all.

There are two restaurants at the Eiffel Tower. Jules Verne's famous restaurant on the second level. In a reservation for a table before leaving for Paris to seek the advice of the reservation will be definitely needed. Here, the piano bar you can enjoy an aperitif. Then sit down at a table and enjoy your food - they all offer great views.


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