Famous Buildings of the Worlds Skyscrapers Tallest Buildings Amazings Stuctures

Mary Axe - london

40-storey skyscraper in London, whose design is made in the form of the retina with a central bearing base. Located in the financial center of London.

Blur Expo 02, Yverdon-les-Bains

Blair House (Blur Building), designed the pavilion for Swiss EXPO 02 in Yverdon-les-Bains.

Empire State Building

ESB is the most famous building in New York.

Millennium Dome, London

Exhibition Complex Millennium Dome (Millennium Dome) - a giant "flying saucer", built on the banks of the Thames in the London area.

Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai World tallest building in the world. The highest ever building which exists in the world. .

Monday, 30 May 2011

The leaning tower of ... Copenhagen

The Leaning Tower ... Copenhagen

Bella Sky hotel in Copenhagen (Photo: Sky Hotel Bella) Bella Sky Comwell hotel in Copenhagen has opened the door. 250 feet (76.5 meters) tall, 814 room hotel is the highest in Scandinavia, but is designed with architecture firm 3XN beat that is not of this size - it's size. Twin Towers building tilting to one another than to lean on an impressive 15 degrees, an angle that better surrounding parkland provides guests with a view.
Hotel 23 floors, 814 rooms of different types of 200, 30 meeting and conference rooms, three restaurants, two bars and a wellness center with room facilities designer. Natural earth colors, wood and grass around the hotel and Scandinavian design elements create a warm environment relationship highlighted environment.The door and furniture is a stunning light installation that building facade, which is significant structure to reflect claim to design blue and white triangle shaped glass that pattern. "One challenge was the actual construction of two towers, it was possible for a common foyer," low Herforth Nielsen, 3XN's founder and creative director said."We designed a sustainable building was also important that solar heat and heat loss, this means that more than 50% glass facade can not contain. Facade pattern that is insulated from the impact of the building provided .. lines include insulated and the diagonal and vertical lines is constituted by, turning the towers of the building looking down from growth. "

Sunday, 29 May 2011

World Top Beautiful Places, Captured in Photos

Then place them in the morning and evening so work some time and today we seethese places when we insist on a screen in front of you a chance to see these placesare usually due to lack of travel all Hope every body enjoy it and will love the beauty ofthese places.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
San Francisco
New York
Echternach, Luxembourg
Consuegra, Spain
Brooklyn, Newyork City
Moscow 2
Manhattan Bridge
Paris 2
Cinque Terre, Italy
Graz Airport
San Diego, Ca
MOntreal, Quebec
Hrvatska, Croatia
Paris 3
Aalborg, Denmark

Friday, 27 May 2011

The World’s Largest Wooden Structure

Metropol Parasol: The World’s Largest Wooden Structure Opens in Seville

Jurgen Mayer H. Metropol E By Architects, Spain, the parasol, the world's largest wooden structure. We plan later this amazing process is designed as follows, and now a great project has been completed at the end! Plaza de la Encarnacion, undulating parasols world's largest wooden structure contains a beautiful range is located. Metropol interlocking honeycomb panel is solid wood base, which under canopies and parasols are walkways to stand in.

 Jurgen Metropol is neutral umbrella with head H. Mayer Architects aim to help E medieval surroundings structure with highly compatible at all was to the contrary.Stairways and wooden storefronts parasols, the world's largest wooden structures as sitting down. Modern structure with a polyurethane coating is made from wood planning.
Original site, a parking garage originally was to be a victim, but the results of archeological excavations revealed later, the E site of the city museum and community center to make a decision. Metropol umbrella now houses museums, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, and a restaurant, which is open most said. High roof promenades parasols city, offers visitors wonderful views of the peak is located.
E rich medieval history and a unique inner city is a city. Metropol is parasol E defines iconic cultural role, with a sleek contemporary historical historical archeological destination meshing.

Wind Energy Tower - JAPAN

Producing Large-scale Wind Energy Tower Proposed for Japan

When an energy source as wind power saw is the best big think. Japan ZENA system based on a new type of wind energy generator that will dwarf anything before work is in progress. 50 meters long - Hexagonal building is basically a big circle that compresses ambient air and on the earth through a series of generators has quickly runs as works. Ambitious project is the first visit of its kind and a clean plant, the site of energy storage, and includes tourist center. Details on the feasibility of the design are incomplete, but if it deemed it works out power to our grid in the sky can reach more day.


A three-point pressure technology company that takes any wind direction and compresses and Hexagonal Tower accelerates through the tunnel in mid-air action as specified. Wind turbines, which power is converted into wind energy under a series of flows. The company claims that the system Betz limit value theory, which has said that more theoretical than 59.3 percent of harvestable energy is not tight.
Stroke to the industry than, the site of energy storage design, the ZENA explanation on their website that calls for "a new EAS Wind Tower energy storage system obtained through energy system is used for stock. The system focuses vanadium thin nano-water solution and pure water uses "he Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan for large-scale project has selected a location.

Large-scale wind power generating tower proposed for Japan | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World.

102 ft - Brazilian Children Build the World's Tallest LEGO Tower!

Brazilian Children Build the World's Tallest LEGO Tower!
General View LEGO TOWER
A LEGO world record this month, Sao Paulo, Brazil I was broken when 6,000 people - most of whom were children to see the tallest LEGO tower ever known world for construction. He's building a 102 feet away from the top spot out of last world record, 3 individual LEGOs with the help of a very tall crane tower inches outside.
General View LEGO TOWER

General View LEGO TOWER

General View LEGO TOWER

General View LEGO TOWER

General View LEGO TOWER
500,000 individual LEGOs in the tower four days, and it gathered the group to huge monolith. Ended when he was supported by the wire was held in place, but still have side swept highway.

Not only the children do with their collective power, but those involved can also have a great learning experience is an example. Children participate in building the truly amazing thing in a way they can understand the structure and development could take to learn the basics. We put it with the adult and say that it definitely playtime most impressive we've ever seen is one to wish for is found.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tallest Russia Tower

Tallest Russia Tower
General view Russia Tower
Russia Tower Moscow Moscow, Moscow International Business Center is a partially built skyscraper. Construction was started in September 2007, and by 2012 plan to be completed. Structural total area 520.000 m2 (5,600,000 sq ft) cover, of which 38% (about 200,000 m2 (2,200,000 sq. ft)) be located underground will be. Floor of Tower 118, 101 Includes lift and underground parking to accommodate 3,680 cars will.Commercial retail shops located at the foundation. Building capacity of more people was estimated to be around 30,000.Construction February 2009 the project was suspended in November 2008 were halted, and in 2009 the project was officially canceled.
General view Russia Tower

Russia Tower 2 as the world's tallest building plots in 1994 and 3 for the Moscow International Business Center has been proposed, a 648 meters (2,126 feet), 125-story tower. This construction company in Chicago Skidmore Owings, and Merrill was made from. It soon was shifted to Plot 14. 2003 an updated 648 meters (2,126 feet) in between, the story of 134 was designed craft went for 17 and 18. Moscow in January 2004 Development (STT group) company and leading investors $ 2 billion project, was appointed as producer.18 September 2007, building an important foundation ceremony was held.

Russian news agency Interfax on 21 November 2008, included a chapter on the tower construction was stopped. Shalva Chigirinsky, head of the tower development company indicated that the credit crisis of 2008, financing for the project and was left unable to save the towers also destroyed office space demand, until If the building were able to complete.3 December, Russian oil company Sibir Energy real estate assets, including Russia Tower, a large number of Chigirinsky agreed to buy. As Chigirinsky Sibir Energy was a major shareholder, purchase order to alleviate financial pressures on it, that he shares in the company's sales, and thus the company maintain its current shareholder structure not eligible to be forced. However, many analysts the move decried, oil company investors that such use makes their distressed real estate assets purchased by arguing Chigirinsky help - and perhaps inflated prices shareholders of the company I was harmful to - the major oil company had nothing to do with business interests constituted a major conflict.

12 February 2009, he announced that Russia Tower construction most likely will not be. The project developer tools is said, "Today's economy, a project of such scale is no longer viable for us and now can be no justification." Tower company in the country in place of skyscrapers and a large parking garage three small building is proposed to use.

June 2009, the project has been canceled for existing buildings in a parking lot into.

General view Russia Tower

Its Also known in the name of World's largest Natural Ventilation Building

In My Words:

All this pointed to a great atmosphere all pop up on Russia and former Soviet Union Tower is going on? Mansyisk first hole was in the Siberian atmosphere tower, this time looking sharp and very aggressive 'peace' Astana, Kazakstan, the Crystal Island in Moscow too wrapped volcano, and just this week the Centre, its new sharp green tower going up in St. Petersburg. Really, what does? Iconic British architect Norman Foster tower that environment Pointy 4 out of 5 is responsible for, then clearly the former Soviet Union faster man, angular 'environmental' is something for tower construction. But there in terms of geography and their customers have a relationship? There's something wrong with her?

Russia Tower: however, shows us yet another great Pointy Foster - Moscow tower design environment, to going up in Russia are excited. When this great tower is completed in 2012, the 2,009 ft tall (612.2 meters), and one of the world's tallest tallest building in Europe only Taipei 101 and Burj Dubai will be followed. As if that distinction were not enough and the tower in Russia with a natural ventilation system in the world will also be the largest building.
Russian green spiky skyscrapers might see coming near, we think the tower natural ventilation system design certainly Russia's most interesting elements is one. Mixed use project - apartments, hotels office, and entertainment including place - an 'energy cycle' during the building energy, heat and hot water use regulatory system. In addition, a series of green indoor gardens that are going through the foundation, to assist with natural ventilation, improving indoor air quality, and recreational green space for residents of the building will be provided. Foster + 'with natural day building a pyramid shape, the tower lights during the day both electricity and heat can cut back on exhibition maximizes. If everything is according to plan, Russia's super skyscrapers tower within sustainable architecture will be important, and Moscow will strengthen economic and social vitality. Construction began in September 2007 and the building will be completed by 2012.

General view Russia Tower

General view Russia Tower

General information
StatusNever built
TypeMixed use
LocationMoscow, Russia
Coordinates55°45′5″N 37°32′4″E
Construction started18 September 2007
Costover $2 billion
Roof612.2 m (2,009 ft)
Top floor500 m (1,600 ft)
Technical details
Floor count118
Floor area520,000 m2 (5,600,000 sq ft)
Elevator count101
Design and construction
OwnerRussian Land
Main contractorSatori (site preparation)
Soletanshstroy (Soletanche Bachy) (Diaphragm wall, 0 level)
ArchitectFoster + Partners
DeveloperRussian Land

Dubai Tower, UAE

General view Dubai Tower

"Four Tower, with floor 97 to 54, clustered to create a choreographed sculpture, representing the movement of candle are" the press release from January this year, writes architect.
Architecture firm Thompson, Ventulett Stainback, and Associates, TVS Associates, effort, (and) tough games. Dubai Towers in central London in the form construction is certainly iconic Swiss Foster's next after North Tower.
That is the secret architecture candle thought it was important to you with iconography. Maybe confused by Charles Jencks' Iconic building, he thought: 'We need that' the way girls and boys, you really do not need!
Candle light ... It looks completely different, not related to the program (offices, and hotels), it is not from the context, and more: where is above? A better connection '- office building fire' not recommend. Look at the design, as you need an iconography!There is already enough.
Wave tower twist, and taper. All at the same time. Keep in mind that hard twist appears, really is fine. Dubai Towers Swiss twist suggested only answer, it is. And its effect is too high. This is the first time in the history of architecture - as far as I know - these three factors are in fact go together. Dubai Towers construction form a new level.
AMO repeatedly in the project 'Al Manakh' shows because of their presence in this form to sign a few feet. Only step left, OMA is proposed, is to withdraw the modernist slab. Koolhaas 'game is over' says.
I do not think so. Rejected by OMA for the project should read as congratulations. The rest is so much growth in the form. Color lines,, skeleton, relief, screen, dents, holes, etc., this is just the beginning.

General view Dubai Tower

General view Dubai Tower

General view Dubai Tower

General view Dubai Tower

General view Dubai Tower
Dubai Towers in Dubai something to think about and surely. Developer Sama has announced the second (Qatar) Doha (Morocco) Casablanca, and (Turkish) in Istanbul, 'Dubai Towers'. Dubai has developed a brand which in itself instead of the Middle East, Africa and Europe may be in Muslim countries have been exported.