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Saturday, 4 June 2011

World's 10 Amazing Skyscraper

Almost every major city in the world you do not half a dozen steel giants in the heavens above by one of Cascading will get. Skyscrapers our 21st century are a tribute to the achievements and growth are a symbol of the world. If an architectural student at the next steel giant hobbyist, or are working to encourage your art work will get them.

First skyscraper to Chicago in 1884 to just 10 stories, but to her long line of buildings in the first step. Baron Jenney Architect Major William F carrying a burden - Chicago tower used in structural length is credited with first use. It is 1891 that the first true skyscraper erected in St. Louis, steel frames were using was not even. The first steel skyscraper buildings to the top was one of New York, London and throughout the world, including Chicago, will begin soon. 

 Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv skyscrapers surprising that started in 1996 and fully completed in 1999 is a complex. The center sits on a 35,000-square-foot site and producer was the name of Mr. David Azrieli. Azrieli Center and the U.S. In fact Israel by architect Eli Attiyah was made, but with Mr. Azrieli had a falling out. The project of the Moore Yaski Sivan Aviv was completed by the firm. The center shopping centers, restaurants, offices and hotels is a mix of an amazing set of skyscrapers is for.
This behemoth is located in Chicago and around the tower in this amazing their hands can evaluate. The trump tower Chicago architect Adrian Smith and the Skidmore Owings, and Merrill for the job has been made ​​by. Trump tower one part hotel, part luxury living and shopping zone is a part. You my all time favorite list can rack this building!
It named several Beetham Organization is one of skyscrapers and construction work of art each one of them .... Is. Beetham Tower mainly used for residential housing, but also two of them are located in hotels.

The CIS Tower Manchester, England's second largest building. Tower 118 meters up in the sky and Gordon Tait and GS designed by Oh. CIS Tower was built in 1962 and his design in New York City building was encouraged by her.
 This or a skyscraper or foreign Chicago visited the beautiful city of spaceships can be a beacon. This story John Hancock Center 100 was completed in 1969, and the largest outside New York have been building. This famous Skidmore Owings, and Merrill's hand work. A 95th floor restaurant of the city and Lake Michigan is home to spectacular views is.
You can see here Kollhoff Tower is located in Berlin Potsdamer (Potsdamer Square) Platz I, is accurate. The builder, is named after Hans Kollhoff. Swan's Classic Kollhoff architecture building style and solid as a stone and brick, the use of traditional materials by traditional methods feature the work is. It is the building work is not designed Kollhoff but still my favorite piece of work is.

Royal Bank Plaza, then why not ask you in this picture is a gold tinge? Well each of the 14,000 + Windows 24 Karat gold with a layer mlam default. About the price of $ 70 per window, windows gold, but a total value of $ 1,000,000, the production of glass, used to make gold is unrecoverable because of technology. So hope of grabbing some sleep thinking about your troublemakers no deters!
Some of you know this came in the building may already know. The U.S. Steel Tower and the Pennsylvanian in the sky reaches upwards of 256 meters. Original plan of the building for the worlds longest was made, but the end was only 64 floor ... Not be too shabby. U.S. Steel still more than half a million square feet of office space occupied, and from every angle commanding view of downtown's core.
Auckland New Zealand who lives in the building, and that 80 of the first major construction since the tower is home to here! Vero Centre for office space is fully used and lower level retail shops is a handful. As 2005, the highest of New Zealand "and the most advanced technology" historic office tower. It easily in the roof allows a simple search over the halo found by.


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