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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Malaysia Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers (also known as Petronas Twin Towers) skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are in the twin towers. The world's tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004 were even higher than the Taipei 101, the tallest twin buildings in the world are. Kuala Lumpur's landmark building close to the Kuala Lumpur Tower.

Compared with other towers:

Petronas Towers in the world for six years was the tallest building, Taipei 101 2004, until I was done. Spiers these structural components such as tower height measured at the top, but do not include antennas. Original architectural design of buildings Spires are considered integral parts, which changes the appearance of the building and design will be enough to change, the antennas can add or removed without such consequences. Petronas Towers still the tallest twin buildings remain.
Petronas is high compared to other known tall structures

Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) and the World Trade Center towers were each constructed with 110 occupied floors - 22 more than the Petronas Towers of 88 floors. Willis's tallest tower antenna is 247.4 inches long from the Petronas Towers, however, CTBUH regulations and guidelines, Willis tower antennas as part of its architectural features were not considered. Petronas Towers in height because the spiers antenna masts are not. Therefore, the Petronas Towers Willis 10 M by the height of the tower cross.


Tower 41st and 42nd floors, 2 story in the world's highest bridge between two towers feature a skybridge. It is not related to infrastructure, but instead inside and outside the towers to collapse during high winds to prevent the slide design. Bridge 170 meters above the earth (558 inches) and 58 meters (190 inches) long, weighs 750 tonnes. Known as a destination platform is, the desire for high-level visitors to have to change elevators here. skybridge is open to all visitors, but tickets are limited to about 1,000 per day, and based on a first come, first served must be obtained. Initially, the visit was free, but in 2010, tickets are being sold by Petronas started.Visitors are allowed only on the 41st floor as the 42nd floor of a building used by tenants.

skybridge also acts as a safety device, so that fire or other emergency in one tower to another tower of the tenants vacated by crossing the skybridge, Can. September 12, 2001, shows that the moment a bomb hoax might not be useful if both towers need to be empty (the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center's twin towers in New York City after being destroyed ) simultaneous withdrawal from, the stairs were insufficient capacity for such an event. Plans call for the lift that will be used if both towers need to be evacuated, and a successful drill following the revised plan was in 2005.

Lift system

Otis Lifts at the Central Bank is in the center of each tower. Lift the elevator floor and the tendon at the upper deck floor too much to take passengers on deck with the double-decker - are. From ground level to a number - to reach the floor, lift the passengers to take the escalator to the upper deck.
The ground floor, there are three groups elevator. 6 lifts the "short haul" group level, 2 3 / 16/17 level between the floor and carrying on. Six lifts the "middle distance" between the 37/38 and 18/19 at the group level on travel destination. This is in addition to the Shuttle Lifts take passengers directly to a set of level 41/42. 41/42 to achieve the highest levels, to shuttle passengers should Lifts, lift the upper floor to change. Lifts Lifts straight up with the service levels above 38 2. Sample again with the upper level, a level of service and a level 43/44 57/58 73/74 59/60 service level as specified.
Apart from the central bank of lifts, the "affiliate" of a series of lifts are between groups of people. Contrary to the lifts, they are not double-decker type. Lifts 41/42 two levels (39 and 40 levels of office space are not as accessible) from the 37/38 level are provided to people. The ground floor of the building to go to the upper half of the building components in the lower half.
Lifts, including a number of safety features. It is possible manually adjacent one of the following lifts a driver and a panel in the wall by the open elevator stuck between floors of empty people. It is possible for people trapped in elevators are elevator to move between cars. Buildings during the evacuation of the shuttle elevator is allowed to be used, such as the levels G / 1 and 41/42 at the door only, so the lower half of the building, a fire in the shaft attached to should remain unaffected. Firefighter Lifts are also provided in case of emergency. 


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