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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Le Pantheon

Here's a riddle for you ... What is standing tall and proud, has many columns, and France will be buried in the most honorable place? LE Pantheon course it is!

What the heck is pantheon anyway? Good question! A pantheon Tech is a temple in Rome pantheon, which was modeled after LE Pantheon like. For French, Pantheon funeral "Hall of Fame" is one way, some of France's greatest heroes, housing the tombs.

pantheon has an interesting history. It was first built as a church, it was converted into a pantheon. Then it was back in church, then again in pantheon! French indecisive or what?

See how
The Pantheon is open year round, so you can go whenever you darn well please!
Your Guide to the circular dome corridor from April 1 to October 31 visit, we can. See notice board for times out.
A different view of Paris from the top of the stairs at any time to enjoy - for free!

Pantheon tour € 7.50 for adults and € 4.80 for ages 18 and 25's.
At 18 years of age are free.

LE Pantheon History
* Louis XV in 1744 was stricken with a mysterious illness. He vowed that if he recovered, he built a church Abbaye DE Ste Geneviève - will be used to change.

* King recovered and am thankful to be alive if he had a centimeter Geneviève, the patron of Paris, the church was built in honor of Sunni.

* Architect Jacques GERMAIN Soufflot hired for work, was a neo classical style in the church design. Four held in a Greek cross-shaped interior is island. St. Paul's Cathedral in London as it really is a dome.

* Work on the church began in 1764. Soufflot died before it was finished, however, and his pupil Guillaume Rondelet carried out their work. Soufflot monument in 1790 is ten years after his death had been completed.

Great men have served as a panthéon -After the Revolution, the church a "Temple of Fame" was turned into. Mirabeau and Marat were both there were temporary tenants.

* 19th century, the building changed roles several times. In 1806, Napoleon turned it into a church. In the end it was changed again in a panthéon, front and back, until it became yet another panthéon 1885, when Victor Hugo was buried in there again.

* Today is a monument houses the tombs of France's greatest hero. Jean-Jacques other men there - Rousseau, Emile Zola, Louis Braille, Pierre Curie, Alexandre Dumas, André Malraux, and had to add VOLTAIRE.

Francois Mitterrand -1995 in, scientists there ashes of my query: "First of all, for his benefit the women in our history" as it was buried. (Another woman, Sophie Berthollet, was buried here first, her husband, a chemist, Marcellin with, but not as personal respect to her).


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