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Monday, 27 June 2011

Gatwick Airport

Yotel, Gatwick Airport, London
It is a known fact that space is precious in London, and those who know how to use a teeny, weeny hole they can find, even in a metropolitan area for a hotel to see hobbitses amazing. Yotel Gatwick British 'Airways First Class and boxy Japanese pod hotels affected by SUITES, Simon Woordroffe, Japanese Fast Food - Sushi YoSushi series is the brainchild of the founder, and unlike many, it says But - ton Asian sleeping pods, Yotel is a designers dream. Special company by Conran & Partners designed, room with shower room and toilet with small but fully functional, however, premium hunting cabin claustrophobia where there is slightly more room may want to choose - - Well, at least you can get a cat in there, sure, but it's not about swinging. Premium cabin costs £ 40 for four hours, four hours for standard cabins worth £ 25, £ 6.50 per hour for additional hours have been charged since. Moreover, Yotel Heathrow, London and Yotel Schiphol, Amsterdam.


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