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Friday, 27 May 2011

The World’s Largest Wooden Structure

Metropol Parasol: The World’s Largest Wooden Structure Opens in Seville

Jurgen Mayer H. Metropol E By Architects, Spain, the parasol, the world's largest wooden structure. We plan later this amazing process is designed as follows, and now a great project has been completed at the end! Plaza de la Encarnacion, undulating parasols world's largest wooden structure contains a beautiful range is located. Metropol interlocking honeycomb panel is solid wood base, which under canopies and parasols are walkways to stand in.

 Jurgen Metropol is neutral umbrella with head H. Mayer Architects aim to help E medieval surroundings structure with highly compatible at all was to the contrary.Stairways and wooden storefronts parasols, the world's largest wooden structures as sitting down. Modern structure with a polyurethane coating is made from wood planning.
Original site, a parking garage originally was to be a victim, but the results of archeological excavations revealed later, the E site of the city museum and community center to make a decision. Metropol umbrella now houses museums, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, and a restaurant, which is open most said. High roof promenades parasols city, offers visitors wonderful views of the peak is located.
E rich medieval history and a unique inner city is a city. Metropol is parasol E defines iconic cultural role, with a sleek contemporary historical historical archeological destination meshing.


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