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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Golden Gate Bridge

 These days, the most important place in the Atlantic on one side and vistas of the city of San Francisco looks to views on the Golden Gate Bridge is directly below.

Seismic retrofit of a bridge engineers today is to make sure it is safe when an earthquake views are designed to quickly. For people who travel every month on the bridge, 200 feet around the San Andreas and Hayward faults and leave millions of working together to complete a race against time is sparked. The Golden Gate Bridge has fared well during the last stroke, engineers believe the design of the 1930s literally not be standing in a large earthquake will hit.

MARIN County in 1937 and San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge between the first vehicle to provide a major artery was opened to traffic. Pictures of the city was built before the bridge seem incomplete. 746 feet of the international orange towers, cables and cleaning the feet of the sea with their position, the Golden Gate Bridge every day, both for passengers and the road is a popular tourist attraction.

Since the Golden Gate opened, nearly 1.5 billion people have crossed the 1.7 miles. During its first 30 years of operation of vehicle traffic jumped 750 percent, both bus and ferry operations, which this three dollar toll for southbound drivers are subsidized by the creation of sparking.

Tower Bridge in heavy sea currents, while engineers searched for a safe way, where the quake was not part of the original design.

San Francisco Bay near Oakland - Bridge, was built in the 1930s, when the stroke occurs and the old stone bridge design provides an example. The moment the earthquake hit in 1989 was forced to pull over the roof collapsed and killed several of the following travel.

It took four years to build the Golden Gate Bridge, but today's earthquake engineers estimated that less than sixty seconds to destroy a bridge near the center of an earthquake can hit. Unrecoverable loss of even a weak earthquake that could cause the bridge will close.
Integrity of the bridge is still intact, but engineers believe that 175 million earthquake retrofit is needed to prevent a disaster. Supercomputers have been designed to retrofit the bridge on each side effects of an earthquake simulation is used. Almost five years to complete the retrofit and the price is very important, just about the Golden Gate Bridge instead of the potential value of $ 1.4 billion represents one-tenth of what will be.

retrofit of ground movement due to violent action will help reduce the amount. To achieve this, several areas will strengthen the bridge to be safe when shocks. The steel frame work, the approach viaducts, as well as concrete piers, pylons and anchor housings will occur on. The cable saddles and peaks of the towers will be built to run strong. Steel shafts and struts that connect the tower will be overhauled. After work is completed, engineers hope that no matter how hard it hit the bridge is open for emergency vehicles and to keep that car traffic will come back within a month will be eligible.

For now, everything is on the Golden Gate. Vehicles in the city and crowds of tourists admiring the great view, walk along the railing. So remember if you are lucky one of those historic visit, to see how and where to get off.


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