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Monday, 27 June 2011

Jumbo Jet Hostel

 Jumbo Jet Hostel, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, Sweden
The first Jumbo Jet Hostel its doors (or the gangway should be) just a year ago, opened to much acclaim. The remains of an abandoned Boeing 747 created ship passengers between hotels is becoming a big hit. The 37-year-old businessman said Oscar Dios metal giant to bring back to life, and he had thought before I saw it again later. Jumbo 25-room hostel at any one time 72 people are able to cater for this, a lot more comfortable on a flight in a small area of gold is higher than normal, though still has to offer. This is the most comfortable night's sleep you will never be on a plane! And if you kidnapped her and is taking off in the middle of the night worried about, Jumbo safely on earth with concrete and steel fixtures fastened. Prices for a dorm bed 350 SEK ($ 43) started in, with breakfast included.


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