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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Burj Khalifa DUBAI, UAE

Khalifa Burj 828 meters, or 2,716.5 feet and 160 stories tall in the tallest building in the world. The world's tallest free standing structure. The world's largest occupied floor, and most have witnessed deck. Khalifa Bridge began in January of 2004 for the excavation and tower construction took 6 years to complete. In July of 2007 in this world became the tallest building when construction reached 141 floors. Khalifa Bridge in January of 2009 was completed in the fold. Khalifa Bridge opening ceremony was held in January of 2010. This multiple-purpose building housing the hotel's residential and office spaces.

Khalifa Bridge deck monitoring a visit Dubai property starts at ground floor. Guide to Multimedia travelator there you are riding. During this trip, you heard about Dubai's history will be. Khalifa Bridge once inside you will board a high-speed elevator. Review deck roof windows and a beautiful panoramic view of Dubai Properties floor. In addition, an open air terrace, a gift shop out if you step as, like.

Armani Hotels Khalifa Bridge Studio, Classic, Premier rooms and Suites with many features. Eight different hotels, including the Mediterranean and Italian restaurants serve a variety of dishes offers. Armani also many shops available for your pleasure there to buy. Visit Armani hotel spa to relax. Bridge Studio 900 also places Khalifa 4 bedroom residence provides for Suites. Accommodation facilities for indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a library, cigar clubs, including bridge and Khalifa gourmet market.

Dubai Burj Al Arab Dubai also beautiful international airport half an hour from the place of occurrence provides. Burj Al Arab the most luxurious hotels in the world itself is being proud of. This is an island 280 meters from Jumeirah beach, and by a causeway linked to man center is located. Burj Al Arab an Arab dhow designed to resemble the sail and is 321 meters tall. Hotel 202 duplex 780 square meters in size from 170 to Suite contains. Burj Al Arab also features six restaurants and award-winning service round the clock butler.
Burj Al Arab Dubai on holiday for those offers a variety of activities. Bask in various water sports a white sand beach in the sun, add, or go Wild Waterpark Valley. In addition, various golf courts as sight seeing tours. You embark on a jungle safari tour to see a bird, can take or just city sites. Dubai International Airport has flights available throughout the day and easily Burj Al Arab in both Bridge and the Khalifa.


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