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Monday, 23 May 2011

Top most BURJ KHALIFA facts

  • 31,400 – the amount of steel rebar in metric tonnes used in the structure of Burj Dubai.

  • 28,261– the number of glass cladding panels making up the exterior of tower and its two annexes.

  • 15,000 – the amount of water in litres collected from the tower’s cooling equipment that will be used for landscaping irrigation.

  • 12,000 – the numbers of workers on site during peak of construction.

  • 5,500 – the capacity in kilograms of the tower’s service lift.

  • 3,000 – the number of underground parking spaces.

  • 1,044 – the total number of residential apartments inside Burj Dubai.

  • 900 – the length in the feet of the world’s tallest performing fountain, The Dubai Fountain, that lies at the foot of the tower.

  • 605 – the vertical height in metres to which concrete was pumped in the construction of Burj Dubai, a world record for concrete pumping.

  • 504 – the distance traveled, or ‘rise’ in metres of Burj Dubai’s main service lift, the most of any elevator.


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