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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Famous Building : Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

Find the airport you shimmer sweltering desert heat of Dubai reach, or if not looking forward to a taxi or the hotel you are staying in search of the phone to call. If luck (and dollars) will its way, however, you Burj Al (Arab Tower) hotel reservations on the Arab are. If you or whisk and waiting for you to find the driver you are living with round trip (a Rolls Royce Seraph like style) or a pilot in style on the streets, get ready and you shuttling avoid traffic from the crowd waiting for the hotel by helicopter, helipad. And he is just the beginning ...

As you near the hotel, its specific features tan sandy environment, a sharp edge cut through. A manmade 180 feet from Empire State Building standing on a small island - and the world's tallest hotel is being - infrastructure which wave in the air shows. A white, sail (as in boat) shaped building on the Arab Gulf is standing 54 stories Commanding.
Suite 202 each duplex construction dreams. Details such as stone (granite) from Brazil, and marble and glass from Italy, and the best big hard Irish linens are gathered here paint the picture for more luxuries. Every room your servant, comes with wall to wall views of the bay, and television and technology (Internet access, an external video monitoring system in which both of you to see who is at the door and never open the door without allows growth in the most recent leave his bed). There are 164 one bedroom, 28 two bedroom and six three bedroom - Suites are available for your comfort. And that is just at the end.
Burj Al Arab also a rest room available higher (if possible) is ideal. Two Grand Suites and two exclusive high Suites hotels across the world found Everest to rest. Each suite covers 2340 square feet, and two of them connected with the elevator floor consists of. Facilities on beds, private cinemas, private mosques, changing rooms and room sizes include. The most expensive room $ 7,000 a night in ballpark does.
Such as hotel stay, you pay an entrance fee (somewhere around U.S. $ 50) in their one world-class restaurants, a dinner is to be implemented.
Height of hotels for diners wary of Al Mahara - underwater seafood restaurant provides. Seafood restaurant in the lobby of 12 seats taken from submarine is secured by a shark aquarium run around the walls with features.
Or, if you choose one of them Al Muntaha, restaurant food between stars, maybe.Restaurant at 600 feet above sea level, the Arab Gulf and the night sky offers beautiful views. Five other world-class hotels (ballrooms) and prices with themes including restaurants.
A hotel and spa Assawan their attention is on 18th floor. Facilities with views on two Gulf swimming pool, two diving pools of, 18 treatment rooms, hydrotherapy bath, Eastern massage, standup solarium, gold, steam rooms and Jacuzzi are included.Many of these features a women or men only policy, no specific time when only two sexes: are allowed in an area of ​​meaning (even though they themed spa center, men and women).
Needless to say, hotels for the city has become a major attraction. Quite happy about the peace at night then it seems they will never live for. For more information and make reservations and check the latest price on http://www.jumeirahinternational.com to go on their website or contact your local travel agent.


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