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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Official World's 100 Tallest High Rise Buildings

The most accurate compilation of this review and in-depth research results and make reliable information uses. The data as Emporis Standards (ESC) by the Committeebased on the quality. Verify this listing and is constantly updated and increased under construction or still hold them and whose height is occupiable office use at least 90per cent who dedicated a long time, including all buildings Position, are included. The buildings structural classification is based entirely on height. TV towers, masts, andother building types are not included.

1.Taipei 101  Taipei509 m1,671 ft1012004
2.Petronas Tower 1  Kuala Lumpur452 m1,483 ft881998
3.Petronas Tower 2  Kuala Lumpur452 m1,483 ft881998
4.Willis Tower  Chicago442 m1,451 ft1081974
5.Two International Finance..  Hong Kong415 m1,362 ft882003
6.CITIC Plaza  Guangzhou391 m1,283 ft801997
7.Shun Hing Square  Shenzhen384 m1,260 ft691996
8.Empire State Building  New York City381 m1,250 ft1021931
9.Central Plaza  Hong Kong374 m1,227 ft781992
10.Bank of China Tower  Hong Kong367 m1,205 ft701990
11.Bank of America Tower  New York City366 m1,200 ft582009
12.Almas Tower  Dubai363 m1,191 ft682009
13.Emirates Office Tower  Dubai355 m1,163 ft542000
14.Aon Center  Chicago346 m1,136 ft831973
15.The Center  Hong Kong346 m1,135 ft731998
16.Minsheng Bank Building  Wuhan331 m1,087 ft682007
17.Chrysler Building  New York City319 m1,046 ft771930
18.New York Times Tower  New York City319 m1,046 ft522007
19.Bank of America Plaza  Atlanta312 m1,023 ft551992
20.US Bank Tower  Los Angeles310 m1,018 ft731989
21.Menara Telekom  Kuala Lumpur310 m1,017 ft552001
22.AT&T Corporate Center  Chicago307 m1,007 ft601989
23.JPMorgan Chase Tower  Houston305 m1,002 ft751982
24.Two Prudential Plaza  Chicago303 m995 ft641990
25.Wells Fargo Plaza  Houston302 m992 ft711983
26.Arraya Center Office Towe..  Kuwait City300 m984 ft602009
27.One Island East Centre  Hong Kong298 m979 ft692008
28.First Bank Tower  Toronto298 m978 ft721976
29.Shanghai Wheelock Square  Shanghai298 m978 ft582010
30.Comcast Center  Philadelphia297 m973 ft572008
31.311 South Wacker  Chicago293 m961 ft651990
32.American International Bu..  New York City290 m952 ft661932
33.Key Tower  Cleveland289 m947 ft571991
34.Plaza 66  Shanghai288 m945 ft662001
35.One Liberty Place  Philadelphia288 m945 ft611987
36.Columbia Center  Seattle285 m937 ft761985
37.Chongqing World Trade Cen..  Chongqing283 m929 ft602005
38.Cheung Kong Centre  Hong Kong283 m928 ft621999
39.The Trump Building  New York City283 m927 ft701930
40.Bank of America Plaza  Dallas281 m921 ft721985
41.Republic Plaza  Singapore280 m919 ft661996
42.OUB Centre  Singapore280 m919 ft631988
43.UOB Plaza One  Singapore280 m919 ft661992
44.Citigroup Center  New York City279 m915 ft591977
45.Scotia Plaza  Toronto275 m902 ft681988
46.Williams Tower  Houston275 m901 ft641983
47.Wuhan World Trade Tower  Wuhan273 m896 ft581998
48.Renaissance Tower  Dallas270 m886 ft561974
49.China International Cente..  Guangzhou270 m884 ft622007
50.Dapeng International Plaz..  Guangzhou269 m884 ft56
51.One Lujiazui  Shanghai269 m883 ft472008
52.Naberezhnaya Tower C  Moscow268 m881 ft612007
53.Al Faisaliyah Center  Riyadh267 m876 ft302000
54.Bank of America Corporate..  Charlotte265 m871 ft601992
55.SunTrust Plaza  Atlanta265 m871 ft601992
56.Bocom Financial Towers  Shanghai265 m869 ft522002
57.120 Collins Street  Melbourne265 m869 ft521991
58.Shenzhen Special Zone Pre..  Shenzhen262 m860 ft481998
59.Grand Gateway Shanghai I  Shanghai262 m859 ft522005
60.Grand Gateway Shanghai II  Shanghai262 m859 ft522005
61.Aon Center  Los Angeles262 m858 ft621973
62.Canada Trust Tower  Toronto261 m856 ft531990
63.101 Collins Street  Melbourne260 m853 ft501991
64.Fortune Plaza Office Buil..  Beijing260 m853 ft632008
65.The Vision Tower  Dubai260 m853 ft602010
66.Dual Tower 1  Manama260 m853 ft532007
67.Dual Tower 2  Manama260 m853 ft532007
68.Post & Telecommunication ..  Guangzhou260 m853 ft662003
69.Transamerica Pyramid  San Francisco260 m853 ft481972
70.Chase Tower  Chicago259 m850 ft601969
71.GE Building  New York City259 m850 ft691933
72.Commerzbank Tower  Frankfurt am Main259 m850 ft581997
73.PBCOM Tower  Makati259 m848 ft552000
74.Two Liberty Place  Philadelphia258 m848 ft581990
75.MesseTurm  Frankfurt am Main257 m842 ft551990
76.U.S. Steel Tower  Pittsburgh256 m841 ft641970
77.Langham Place Office Towe..  Hong Kong255 m837 ft592004
78.Capital Tower  Singapore253 m830 ft522000
79.Bank of Shanghai Headquar..  Shanghai252 m827 ft462005
80.Osaka World Trade Center  Osaka252 m827 ft551995
81.Jiali Plaza  Wuhan251 m823 ft611997
82.Wisma 46  Jakarta250 m820 ft501996
83.One Atlantic Center  Atlanta250 m820 ft501987
84.Torre Caja Madrid  Madrid250 m820 ft452008
85.KLI 63 Building  Seoul249 m817 ft601985
86.Torre de Cristal  Madrid249 m817 ft452008
87.Hangzhou No.2 Telecom Hub  Hangzhou248 m814 ft412003
88.One Chase Manhattan Plaza  New York City248 m813 ft601961
89.Chase Tower  Indianapolis247 m811 ft491990
90.Midland Square  Nagoya247 m810 ft402006
91.4 Times Square  New York City247 m809 ft481999
92.MetLife Building  New York City246 m808 ft591963
93.One Raffles Quay North To..  Singapore245 m804 ft502006
94.JR Central Office Tower  Nagoya245 m804 ft512000
95.Shin Kong Life Tower  Taipei245 m803 ft511993
96.Chifley Tower  Sydney244 m801 ft501992
97.Arenco Tower  Dubai244 m800 ft462008
98.Menara Maybank  Kuala Lumpur244 m799 ft501988
99.Tokyo City Hall, Tower I  Tokyo243 m799 ft481991
100.R&F Centre  Guangzhou243 m797 ft542007


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