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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

World Financial Center

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World Financial Center is a group of four towers, completed in 1988,
built on the Hudson River landfill next to the World Trade Center.
1 World Financial Center

Floors: 40
Erected: 1986
Architect: Cesar Pelli and Adamson & Assocs
Roof shape: A cut pyramid
Tower occupant: Dow Jones and Oppenheimer

2 World Financial Center

Height: 196.5 m
Floors: 51
Erected: 1987
Architect: Cesar Pelli and Haines Lundberg Waehler
Roof shape: A dome
Tower occupant: Merrill Lynch

3 World Financial Center
Address: 200 Vesey Street
Height: 225.5 m
Floors: 54
Erected: 1985
Architect: Cesar Pelli and Adamson & Assocs
Roof shape: A solid pyramid
Tower occupant: American Express

4 World Financial Center
Address: 250 Vesey Street
Erected: 1986
Architect: Cesar Pelli and Haines Lundberg
Roof shape: A stepped pyramid
Tower occupant: Merrill Lynch
Winter Garden between the 2 and 3 WFC
Built: 1988
Architect: Cesar Pelli and Adamson & Assocs., landscape architect M.
Paul Friedberg & Assocs.
Winter Garden has 16 12-meter palm trees from the Mojave Desert. The
roof of the garden is 38 m high and 60 m long.


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