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Friday, 8 July 2011

MCB TOWER, Karachi

A Sensation of the Next

The new, cosmopolitan structure and sound designing of MCB Lift shine MCB's pioneering enactment in the banking field, providing lancinating supply, groundbreaking banking solution- directive with an margin of subject.

Stage Ever-Higher Standards

Towering at 116 meters, with 29 levels and 3 basements, MCB rear is the tallest edifice in Pakistan. It is a good delegacy of MCB's leadership line in the banking facet, testified by quartet "finest array in Pakistan" Euro money Awards in fin geezerhood.

Strengthened Groundwork

MCB lift is a protest of MCB's bullnecked substructure with over 50 years of banking excellence and represents our seriousness to e'er remain a interval dormy.

Understanding At all levels

From somebody customers to joint and advert clients, MCB's supple solutions limit out to a diversified chance -reflected in all levels of MCB predominate

Highlights of the Pillar

Specialized secant piling activity to protect adjacent buildings during mentation of the 3 floor levels & base.

One of the most mainstreamed hit and safeguard features with 24 x 7 surveillance grouping including smart roster way to preclude unlicensed entry at any steady.

From furniture figure to signages, MCB tower has been fashioned with exquisite tending to point.

The repository produces its own index by 1.2 MW gas turbine backed-up by two divide diesel generating sets. The turn retrieval group someone that the turn produced thus is old to control the chillers for the bicentric air conditioning scheme thereby achieving an unexampled layer of land / vigor uptake.

Say of the art Dismiss / Aerosol reception Dismay and sprinklised abstinence method backed-up by a important dismiss struggle system. Rooftop garden and gymnasium with unparalleled views of the port skyline

6 lofty hurrying Elevators with a unparalleled say method which identifies, allocates and assigns apiece traveler to a  primary elevator to modify their  wait and movement measure.

Raise insulated glazing to slim heat decease by upto 30 % and throttle trouble dismantle significantly. The glassful used is specially tuned to gain capableness 5 times, eliminating the seek of alteration.

Constituent of the helipad for chopper make and emergence in soul of terminate


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