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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Famous Buildings Of Pakistan

MCB Tower
MCB Tower located in Karachi, Pakistan, Muslim Commercial Bank MCB BankLimited Headquarters. It is the tallest building in Pakistan. It's about 116 meters talland contains 29 floors and 3 basements. Construction began in 2000 and wascompleted in 2005.

Habib Bank Plaza
Habib Bank Plaza, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan-based Habib Bank's head office. ThePakistan's tallest building on completion in 1963. The tallest building for 4 decades, when the MCB 116m tall tower was completed in 2005. However, after MCBTower, Habib Bank Plaza, now the second largest building in Karachi today.

State Bank of Multan Pakistan 
The single & splendid multistoried construction of Dos deposit of Pakistan in the move of Multan at Kalma Chowk, shows the couturier and distinguished personation played by Multan in Pakistan's healthy frugality

Chen one Tower Multan
Chen one is the world famous store, all kinds of fashion clothing, foot gear,furniture, kitchen items, bed, equipment and all sorts of electronic gadgets areliving. This elite has become a site for the community, even to their offices.

Pakistan Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers
Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers (ISE Towers as is known), the Islamabad-BlueArea, Jinnah Avenue business district is one of the high rises. Air Blue airline'shead office on 12th floor.

Centaurus Complex Islamabad
Centaurus complex, mixed-use development project in Islamabad Islamabad,Pakistan is currently under construction. The project is on 6.59 acres of land in Islamabad's arterial corridor, called Blue Area is included.


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