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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Coral Reef Theme in the Foreign Sounds and Attractive House Building Concept

This building design is town concept that built for Haiti after the earthquake and this concept is called “The Pearl Of West Indies” . That names is very match because this building or town concept is very exotic amazing and fantastic. This building is designed on water to add the fabulous and brilliant appeal of this building so the civil that stay can feel more cozy. Besides that, the garden also designed in this town concept so this town design is blend perfectly among the nature and the modern style. The modern style of this town concept is can be seen by the building design that very glamorous and spectacular and the harmonious value can be seen by the nature scenery in this town concept. The nature scenery is the garden and the water at side that calming and serene. This town concept will be a wonderful town because it offers a beautiful and exotic view and the sophisticated building that magnificent.


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