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Friday, 19 August 2011

Union Buildings

Union Buildings
Union (Afrikaans: Die Uniegebou) South African government official seat of thefarm buildings and also houses the offices of President of South Africa.Imposing buildings on the northern end of Arcadia in Pretoria Meintjieskop,historic Church Square, Voortrekker Monument and is located near the top.Avenue Gardens largest government buildings, Vermeulen Street East, ChurchStreet, R104, and Blackwood Street is nestled between. Fairview avenue isclosed road where only officers could enter the Union Buildings. Pretoria UnionBuildings in Pretoria is not the center point of capture, and South Africaestablished the national monument.

Buildings in South Africa is one of the centers of political life, "buildings" and"Arcadia" for the South African government has become metonyms. TheGeneral in Pretoria, South Africa has become a famous landmark and a city andan emblem of democracy is the most popular tourist attraction.


The buildings, built from light sandstone, the English architect Sir Herbert Baker in memorable style was developed by and is 285 meters long. The two sides of the wings is a semi-circular shape, a former division of the Union works to represent. clock chimes of Big Ben in London is people. East and West wings, domed twin towers with the two languages​​, English and Afrikaans are represented, and the inner courtyard South Africa is a symbol of unity.

The building is a disused hunting, which was now sited at the Amphitheatre.Mercury statue on top of the tower, is a mythic Roman messenger god, andtrade. Mercury is holding the world.

Every design is different, and individually for each stone had to be amputated. Windows with shutters on the lower surface of Cape Dutch Design 'Edwardian Style at the top level, the building's architectural styles range. Elongated top and bottom floor windows are becoming smaller and smaller. This is to give the illusion of height.

Left office, arena, and correct offices, buildings are divided into three parts. All length is 95 meters. Knife in a knife block for providing light and air, including three internal courtyards. Each block in the basement of a building and land are the top three floors. The curved building in behind colonnade of the room, the building houses a library and conference room, kitchen, basement, dining room and lounge is on.

Carved teak fanlights, black roof, white plaster walls and heavy gates, heavy wooden beams contrasted with furniture, interior is treated in the Cape Dutch style.


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